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  • Location: Pitt Town
  • Project area: 225ha
  • Land Size: 550 – 30,800m2
  • Number of lots: 659
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The Vermont master-planned estate provides the perfect combination of accessibility to city living and the healthy lifestyle of a rural setting. Situated near the Hills District, Rouse Hill and Norwest Business Park, Vermont’s footprint encompasses five different price points, aspects and buyers – Blighton, Riverland, Central, Bona Vista and Fernville.

With 659 lots, ranging in size from 550m² to 30,800m², Vermont has unparalleled access to nature, the Hawkesbury River and an array of rural and water-based activities; whether it be horse riding, fishing, waterskiing or bushwalking.

Facilities will include a boat ramp and parking to open the river-front to the community and provide easy access. With picnic areas, public amenities and a nature walk along the river, this will not only provide a focal point for residents, but also the wider community.

Connected to natural gas and a purpose-built recycled water station, Vermont was one of the first areas to be connected to the National Broadband Network (NBN), providing high-speed broadband connectivity to all residents.

State-of-the-art sporting facilities, walking and bicycle trails, BBQ areas and expansive parklands, Vermont provides peaceful living in a truly unique, tranquil and serene environment.

Location: Lake Macquarie

Lot sizes: 450 – 710m2

Total lots: 189 and 250 apartments

Marina: 188 berths

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Location: Cooranbong

Project area: 356ha

Lot sizes: 250 - 2,399m2

Total lots: 2,500

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Location: Lower Hunter Valley

Project area: 240ha

Lot sizes: 450 - 1,827m2

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Location: Pitt Town

Project area: 225ha

Lot sizes: 550 - 30,800m2

Total lots: 659

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Location: Kitchener

Lot sizes: 2,000m2+

Total lots: 59 (sold out)

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