Trinity Point Marina Monitoring

Environment Protection Licence Monitoring Data

Kendall Grange Properties Pty Ltd holds Environmental Protection Licence No 20631 for its Trinity Point Marina project in Morisset Park, New South Wales. Under section 66(6) of the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (NSW), a holder of an Environment Protection Licence with a condition requiring monitoring of an activity authorised in the licence must make any of the monitoring data that relates to pollution, and the licencee’s name, publicly and prominently available on the licencee’s website.

Kendall Grange Properties Pty Ltd is required under Environmental Protection Licence No 20631 to monitor ambient water, groundwater quality and discharge to waters quality at specified points on the licenced premises at various frequencies. The Environmental Protection Licence premises and monitoring points are illustrated in the following PDF attachment. We are also required to publish a Pollution Incident Response Management Plan which can be found in this PDF attachment.

The information in the following links provides monitoring data which Kendall Grange Properties Pty Ltd is required to publish. The information has been prepared in accordance with the Requirements for publishing pollution monitoring data (EPA, October 2013).


Notifcation of external parties

The following table outlines the contact details and correct sequence for notification in the event of a notifiable pollution incident. The Incident Controller will notify Management of the event who will carry out the notifications required by the table below.

Emergency Services (if dealing with an emergency)




Environment Line


Ministry of Health

Public Health Unit, Hunter New England Health, Newcastle Office

Ph.: 02 4924 6477

(diverts to John Hunter Hospital after hours) – ask for Public Health Officer on call



1310 50

Lake Macquarie City Council

Customer Service Section


Fire and Rescue

(to be notified of an incident that is not an emergency)



Contact Details

Kendall Grange Properties Pty Ltd is also required to nominate a representative that is available at all times and is capable of providing immediate assistance or response during emergencies or other incidents at the premises. This same contact number can be used by local residents as a complaint hotline to discuss their concerns with activities undertaken within the Environmental Protection Licence premises.

Our nominated representative can be contacted on 0474 012 888.