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  • Location: Kitchener
  • Land Size: 2,000m2+
  • Lot number: 59 lots

Our boutique estate of only 59 lots has SOLD OUT. Live amid an abundance of space, wildlife and simplicity on your own half acre block on the edge of Aberdare State Forest in Kitchener. The large rural blocks ranged from 2000m2to over 5 acres, providing ample space for you to unfold and start building the life you’ve only imagined. Earlwood offers a tranquil rural weekend escape from city life or a permanent place to call home. Grow together in a home that’s unequivocally yours, designed for the kind of things you remember forever.


Location: Lake Macquarie

Lot sizes: 450 – 710m2

Total lots: 189 and 250 apartments

Marina: 188 berths

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Location: Cooranbong

Project area: 356ha

Lot sizes: 250 - 2,399m2

Total lots: 2,500

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Location: Lower Hunter Valley

Project area: 240ha

Lot sizes: 450 - 1,827m2

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Location: Pitt Town

Project area: 225ha

Lot sizes: 550 - 30,800m2

Total lots: 659

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Location: Kitchener

Lot sizes: 2,000m2+

Total lots: 59 (sold out)

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