March 31, 2019

Discover how you can achieve your desired landscape this season with Watagan Park Landscaping’s tailored tips and advice.

Private backyard haven

There are a number of great plants you can use to create a secluded backyard at Watagan Park. All varieties of lilly pilly and callistemon would be perfect as they grow tall enough to turn into a screen for privacy and are fairly low maintenance. You could also mix them with the tuckeroo tree and spotted gum for a bit more volume. To maintain the trees, you should prune the lower branches in autumn as well as fertilise and spray for pests. You can do the same with the lilly pillys too so that they are ready for winter.

A harmonious landscape

North-facing: These gardens normally take the full brunt of the sun for long periods and there isn’t as much shade for the plants. Natives are great for these areas as they can put up with the harsh rays. Lilly pillys again can feature on the north side as well as the south side, as they are a very hearty plant and don’t need much water. Aloe vera plants can also handle the warmth, as well as tanika lomandras. Plants are generally better in the garden on the north side as you don’t have to water them as much as you would if were they in a pot.

South-facing: South-facing gardens are trickier to landscape as this side is generally shadier and wetter. A few plants that would be alright in this situation would be lilly pillys as they can tolerate shade and moisture and buxus microphylla ‘faulkner’, which can be ideal as a formal hedge. If you didn’t want to use plants, then another great option is to lay steppers and a decorative pebble or decomposed granite and turn it into a walkway.

A colourful oasis

Personally, we like a mix of vibrant greens with white flowers, such as jasmine combined with buxus hedges, or magnolia trees with their white, scented flowers. Yellow flowers, such as camellia and roses, also break up gardens by adding a pop of colour. There are some dark purple varieties, like the ones you can spot on the roundabouts at Watagan Park, that really brighten up the area. These colourful flowers are great to plant around winter and will last the seasons that follow with the right care and maintenance. To tend to them properly, we suggest fertilising and spraying for pests every six to eight weeks, and watering them two to three times a week to keep them nice and healthy.

Low-maintenance beauty

The best plants for a low-maintenance landscape are the ones that grow naturally where you live. Lilly pillys, doryanthes, lomandra and gardenias are wonderful to put into a garden around Watagan Park as they don’t require a lot of upkeep and are quite resilient. Also your fruit trees, like lemons, mandarins and passionfruit, would work beautifully as well! To maintain doryanthes, you should trim dead leaves off and water two to three times a week, and fertilise every six to eight weeks. The same goes for the lomandra, but you can trim these every six months depending on how big you want them.

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