May 28, 2019

If you struggled with your big New Year’s resolution to get healthy, it’s not too late to try and pick it up again! Here are Anytime Fitness’ tips to start off small and make a long-term difference.

Try something new

It’s easy to get stuck in a stale gym routine, but this can have dangerous repercussions. It can mean struggling to continuously push yourself, repeatedly exercising limited muscle groups or lacking the motivation to work out entirely. It’s important to keep it fresh. Go to a new gym class, or get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful scenery on one of Watagan Park’s walking trails. Check out the feature on the local trails in the Watagan Park estate in a previous post here.

Change one thing about your diet

Committing to a complete and instant overhaul is going to be hard to stick to—especially if your body is used to a pattern. Changing one small thing can have a huge impact. This could be drinking an extra glass of water through the day, shifting the time you eat by a half-hour or replacing sugary cereals with protein-filled oats. There’s also a healthy lunch snack recipe you can try out in a previous post here.

Walk, jog or bike to your destination

Up those steps! While there will always be those times when the weather is forbidding, or distance is too far, adding in one additional timeslot of low-impact exercise is a great way to get outside for the day and improve your headspace. Why not join a hiking group? Check out @hikinggroupnewielakemac and meet up with some fellow adventurers!

Limit screen time by one hour

Our dependence on technology is continuously growing. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing across all aspects of our daily life, but setting a goal where you reduce mindless screen time by one hour a day could clear up some more time for you to achieve your other fitness goals.

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