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October 15, 2019

There’s something soothing about coming home to a bouquet of fresh blooms. We all know how their heavenly scent and vibrant colour can not only spice up your space but also lift your mood so we’ve put together a few pointers on how to create a beautiful, long-lasting arrangement all spring.

Pick the Right Flowers, At the Right Time
First, you should pick flowers that are notoriously long-lasting. Some long-lasting flower types include lilies, ranunculus, orchids, and other blooming branches. Hot tip: lilies not only last a long time, but they smell amazing! Second, buy your flowers at the beginning of their bloom cycle, before they have started opening up. You’ll see the full bloom cycle of the flower and they’ll last a lot longer!

Less Is More
Different types of flowers have different care requirements, which can be more work than you bargained for. According to Brookelyn Roman of Scotts Flowers, you should pick one or two types of flowers and only single stem (same stem cut of the same variety of flower), “…because these stems actually create their own biome in the water that they feed off of, but it might impact other flowers you bring into the bouquet.”

Stem Cutting Is Important
We all know to cut the flower stems before you put them in water, but did you know you should continue to trim them as the days go by and change the water regularly? Change the water every few days then trim the stems before they go back in and you’ll keep on top of both jobs. Just remember to run the stems under warm water and cut with a knife or garden trimmers at a 45-degree angle.

Other quick tips

  • Remove wilting blooms from the water as they can poison others.
  • Avoid direct sunlight. Flowers love sunlight, but too much for too long will make them wilt.
  • Use the flower food the florist gives you, your blooms will thank you.
  • Buy locally as they will be fresher and travelled a shorter distance.


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