December 18, 2018

With Christmas beckoning, now’s the time to start gathering your festive styling ideas to wow your guests!

There’s nothing more welcoming in this holiday season than a thoughtfully-prepared Christmas table. Guests gather round the inviting scene, sharing family stories from the year before where Uncle John burnt the bbq lunch to a crisp and Nanna Beryl doused the Christmas pudding with way too much sherry. This year, we want to share with you some helpful tips on styling an outdoor Christmas setting, so you can make the most of the festive season.

Get back to nature

Look to Mother Nature for inspiration this Christmas. Rather than using synthetic materials, add a runner of greenery and blooms to the table. Why not make use of our beautiful Australian natives with some eucalyptus leaves and branches? And fill some jars with sprigs of kangaroo paw, banksia and wattle to top it off.

Let the kids help!

I know, I know—this sounds like a recipe for disaster (think of the mess!), but getting your kids involved in decorating can be a really fun bonding experience. And it is the season for family after all! Have your children paint some pine cones with Christmas colours and glitter and use them as table decorations. Or, if you’re having a kids’ table, give them free rein to style it! Cover the table in kraft paper and have them draw their favourite Christmas characters using textas, crayons and pencils.

Light up the scene

Make the most of the outdoors and use some string lights to brighten the scene. You could even wrap Christmas lights around beams or railings, or intertwine them through plants that circle the table. But if you want something a bit more simple, you can fill mason jars with fairy lights or candles, or dot the table with tea lights.

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