March 10, 2016

At Watagan Park, we aim to maintain and nurture our surroundings. You’d be surprised how much changing little habits can bring your lawn back to life. Better Homes and Gardens and Homes To Love have some quick tips to help get you started and on the right track.

Common problems with lawns are dead patches and/or stunted growth. This is the result of lack of water, nutrients and air being filtered down to the roots. All you need to do here to solve this compaction is through aeration and coring. Smaller areas require you to push a garden fork at 5cm intervals into the soil, rocking it side to side. Larger lawns will need a spiked lawn aerator or a powered coring machine (hired). After using one of the two, all that is needed is a bit of raking to fill in the holes that were made. Washed river sand or top-dressing mix are recommended to use for filling in or they will fill themselves eventually.

Tips to remember:

  1. Give it a trim fortnightly
  2. Keep your mower blades sharp and cut in different directions each time
  3. Hydrate and allow to soak
  4. Let it breathe
  5. Remove any weeds

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