October 27, 2016
Russell Brown – gardening guru

Spring has sprung and the garden awaits your attention! Here are Russell’s top tips for managing your outdoor space as the weather warms up and things start to sprout and grow…

Top tips

  • Fertilise everything! This will promote new luscious growth, fruiting and flowering and kick-start deciduous trees and shrubs.
  • For a great summer lawn, eradicate weeds now (spray or remove by hand), aerate, fertilise and top dress with clean sandy loam.
  • Apply wetting agents to preserve spring soil moisture for all the new growth.
  • Apply mulches to all garden beds to reduce weeds, conserve moisture and increase organic matter (humus).
  • Add compost to vegetable and flower beds – it’s time to plant out your summer seedlings.
  • Repot orchids and indoor plants.
  • Fertilise fruit trees and be aware of pests such as citrus leaf minor and aphids on new growth. Spray with eco friendly garden oils.
  • If you haven’t already pruned roses, do it now by up to two-thirds and fertilise with dedicated rose food. Ensure you spray fungicides at the first sign of Black Spot.
  • Plant new additions to your garden now to allow for root development before the summer heat sets in!

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