February 27, 2014

At Watagan Park we strive to build a community that is able to experience the best of life in the heart of Nature’s Playground. We also salute those organisations that spend countless hours building communities and a better life for those less fortunate. So we offered our billboard space at the corner of Macquarie St and Fishery Point Rd to The Big Build for a few months to help promote their great work.

What is The Big Build I hear you ask? It is a tremendous initiative by International Children’s Care Australia to build houses and classrooms for extremely poor families and communities in South-East Asia.

The Thai Big Build 2014 will take place from December 8 to December 21 in migrant communities along the Thai-Myanmar boarder. The beautiful thing is that you can get involved, not only through donations but hands-on, travelling to these communities and assisting in building a better life for those children and their families.

Think of it like a holiday with a purpose. You don’t just come home with a camera full of memories, you come home with a bunch of new friends, as a different person, and with the achievement that you have built roofs over children’s heads so they can sleep safely at night and schools so they can be rewarded with an education.

If an epic adventure of service, travel and lots of new friends sounds like something of interest, you can find out more info by visiting www.thebigbuild.org

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