March 17, 2016

The benefits of outdoor play are unrivalled by any other activity – it allows kids to use their imagination, helps develop physical and motor skills, and provides an outlet for reducing everyday stress. Watagan Park exists to ensure families are given every opportunity to enjoy the benefits of being outdoors.

Here we have listed a few reasons why its good to be amongst the green when growing up.

1. Improves Vision
Studies say that kids that play outside have greater distance vision than those that mostly play indoors. Maybe its time for a change of scenery!

2. Promotes Social Skills
Especially when on outdoor playground equipment, kids will use and learn how to interact with each other through things like sharing and taking turns. It’s a two-in-one when an activity can teach life skills and be enjoyed by all involved!

3. Increases Attention Span
There is so much to discover about the greenery around us. People have noticed that outdoor play evokes curiosity and investigative skills in children. Studies say that green outdoor settings seem to reduce ADHD symptoms. Even just a little time spent in the garden as opposed the the living room could engage and help kids who struggle to concentrate.

4. Reduces Stress
Green spaces are known for their unspoken healing effect on stress levels. Nature can be peaceful and definitely has a relaxing effect.

5. Provides Vitamin D
According to the certain studies, many children have vitamin D deficiencies. This vitamin has several health benefits, including prevention from future bone problems, diabetes and even heart disease.
Vitamin D can be received by supplement, but you can get it for free outside! Playing in the sunlight for a few minutes could do your kid wonders.

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