April 2, 2015

The natural forest reserve and big backyards at Watagan Park mean families have the opportunity to get outside and explore the natural world. With the help of this health magazine, we share some tips on how you can enjoy the wonderful weather and invite your family and friends for an outdoor workout whilst squeezing in some sight-seeing along the way.

Get your fresh air fix

Add a dose of green exercise to your day and head outdoors to get some fresh air and fitness. From kayaking to abseiling, yoga to hiking tracks, there are tons of ways to get out and get active at the Watagans.

Head for the hills

Watagan Park is right at the foot of the Watagan Mountains, so why not take advantage of these outdoor slopes by following a hiking or bike track. Work your muscles in a way indoor surfaces can’t. Not only does the mountain’s incline and downhill terrain work your leg muscles, it challenges your stability and keeps you engaged in a way that fitness machines can’t. Don’t forget to take a break and catch your breath at lookouts along your way.

Sculpt with sand

Watagan Park is close to some of Lake Macquarie’s most stunning beaches. If you’ve ever jogged on the beach, you would know the uneven surface of the sand adds that extra challenge, perfect for a workout.

Back the bench

There are lots of little spots that you have never thought of to workout. Humble benches at the nearby park or sports oval and logs found at lookouts and campsites are the perfect partner for your workout. The possibilities of working nearly every major muscle group are endless with dips, push-ups, box jumps, squats and much more.

Train with tree trunks

Climb, sit or hang your way to heightened upper body, core and endurance. A sturdy tree trunk is an under appreciated staple of nature and can become a key strengthening tool in your workout.

Get outside and give it a go!

Live outside the box at Watagan Park

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