October 8, 2015

Many of you are probably starting to think about preparing your outdoor areas for the bbq and entertaining season. We have put together a few simple solutions to spruce up your space so you, your family and friends can relax in style.

This is an easy and cost effective way to not only decorate your space but also create ambience. Think string lights, lanterns, candles and tiki torches.

When it comes to seating, consider what will work best in the space and who will be using this space. For a formal party you could use single padded chairs or for a more casual laid-back party benches and lounges with pillows may be better.

Bring some vibrancy into your space with hanging macramé planters, planters made from repurposed items and flower boxes.

Outdoor Accessories
Outdoor rugs will invite guests to kick off their shoes and relax. Incorporate some art into your space with sculptures, wall hangings and decorative screening panels. Dress your space with bright table cloths, dinnerware and throws.

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