November 20, 2018

There’s nothing better than getting outdoors in the fresh air and ticking some tasks off your to-do list, starting with your garden.

Quench your garden’s thirst!

The drier seasons welcome a host of problems for a flourishing garden. Because of this, your garden will need a bit more water than usual, and it will need to be watered deeply to encourage root growth. Also, it’s best to water your garden in the morning to allow enough time for the foliage to dry out—otherwise you could face such nasties as mildew and fungi attacking your leaves. For an extra boost to your landscape, add some nutrients to your water with ingredients like soluble fertiliser.

Stick to the shade

If you’re mapping out the landscape for your brand new home, or thinking about replanting, now is the best time to do it! But when you are putting together a plan, make sure you keep shade in mind. Strategically place deciduous (shedding) trees to create some cover for your house and garden during the warmer months. That way, your landscape has the best opportunity to flourish.

Find your level

When the weather heats up and water restrictions come into play, it can be difficult to maintain the health of your lawn. To combat this, it’s time to change the height of your mower! By keeping your grass taller, the lawn leaves are able to insulate the soil, preventing it from losing water due to evaporation. But if there isn’t a moisture problem with your particular landscape, it’s just a matter of mowing your lawns regularly to keep them healthy.

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