December 10, 2015

Christmas is not far away so we thought we’d share these rustic ornaments by Christine from The DIY Dreamer so you too can bring nature inside and be surrounded by nature this Christmas. We couldn’t agree more with Christine, expressing “Rustic doesn’t necessary mean inexpensive, but to me it means going back to using simple things to create beautiful treasures.”

What you will need

  • Twigs – Branches
  • Branch cutters
  • Hot glue gun
  • Burlap Ribbon (about 1/8″)


1.  Start by cutting branches down to twig size.

2.  There are two designs in two different sizes: snowflakes and stars. Use a hot glue gun to attach the pieces together.

Big Snowflake:  1x 8″, 6x 4″, and 16x 1″
Big Star:  5x 8″
Small snowflake:  1x 4.5″, 2x 2″, 4x 1.5″, and 8x ¾″
Small Star:  5x 4.5″

For the snowflakes: Cut an angle on one end of some of the pieces, makes it easier to attach because the end can sit flush on a twig.

3.  Once you have finished assembling, cut pieces of burlap ribbon and attach them to the back of the ornaments with hot glue.

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Photo: The DIY Dreamer

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