May 21, 2015

Nature makes the outdoors ideal for parties of all types. Give your child a birthday party to remember by combining the outdoors, fun and games.

A Scavenger Hunt Party
Every child has natural curiosities so why not host a Scavenger hunt party. Little toys, snacks and favours can be hidden along a path to be hunted for to add even more fun. You can even download our Scavenger hunt print out so they can tick off what they find.

An Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party
With Lewis Carroll’s classic tale as your guide, a magical backyard afternoon tea party in Wonderland will be delightful for a birthday celebration.

A Water Wipeout Party
A water-obstacle-filled party would make any child smile. With slippery slides, bouncing balls, and plenty of opportunities for getting wet, this party is perfect for summer and kids looking for a way to keep cool.

Butterfly Garden Birthday Party
A butterfly garden birthday party can feature a whimsical backyard dessert table tent and lots of beautiful handmade details.

Outdoor Movie Party
Borrow or rent a projector and screen so your child can screen their favourite film for their friends. A menu filled with favourite theatre snacks will keep them munching too.

Classic Kids’ Games
Classic games like a three-legged race, water balloon drop, and paper airplane toss can be grouped together and turned into an Olympic competition, complete with medals or achievement certificates for some fun.

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