March 31, 2016

We often talk about why its healthier to play outside, you can check out our previous blog post to see why. Here are some ideas to get your family started and making the most of your surroundings and time together.

Plant a Garden
As well as teaching your child to be aware of their surroundings, planting a garden can be a great reason for them to learn to take care of something and see it grow over time.

Play the Backyard Matching Game
This game will help the kids learn to recognize the difference between elements of nature. Gather the kids outside and hand them a bag each. Fill the bag with different parts of your garden like gumnuts, small twigs and leaves and let them search around the garden to find a matching element.

Create a Backyard Scavenger Hunt
Make your own scavenger hunt handout or find one online. Challenge yourselves and have fun searching for as many things on your list as you can!

Go on Day Trips
A great little excursion will get your kids out of the house. What about visiting your local museum or national park?

Build a Bird Feeder
You can purchase a little bird feeder or make one yourselves using a pinecone and peanut butter, placing it near a window. It’s a simple and easy way to keep your kids connected to nature.

Take a Coin Walk
To make a stroll with your kids that little more exciting, let a coin lead the way! When its time to turn, flip a coin. If it lands on heads, go right and if it lands on tails, turn left or vice versa. Enjoy!

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