March 26, 2015

At Watagan Park we live for the outdoors and feeling the grass between our toes so when we stumbled across this free App that encourages kids to do just that and get out to meet new people, we had to let you know about it!

Culdesac is an outdoor game phenomenon that’s sweeping neighbourhoods across America and is quickly spreading through the streets over here.

The Application is designed for kids to share games they’ve invented themselves. Users have a personal profile where they build their list of original outdoor games. The interface makes it super easy to add a game to their list in a succinct, easy way to follow. Kids outline the rules, timeframe, equipment and number of people required for the game. They can then share their devised fun with the Culdesac network.

The “discover” function allows kids to view what their friends have uploaded and search categories for different popular games. There is also the option to share their favourite finds on social media platforms.

Creator of the App Spencer Johnson believes his brainchild will help to counter the epidemic of inactivity amongst youth by providing a fun alternative to traditional sports.

“There’s a need to use technology to get people away from technology,” Johnson told ARLnow.

“But, for now, we’re just trying to give people ideas to do something fun together”.

Be sure to download Culdesac and get the kids outside playing and sharing with neighbouring children. While you’re at it don’t forget to check out our own Nature’s Playground App available on Android or iPhone.

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