October 22, 2015

These Waldorf-inspired nature blocks will bring a little bit of the rustic charm of the outdoors into your home and are a great natural learning resource for the kids. We love this tutorial from Adventure In A Box!

What you will need

  • Hand saw
  • Table vise
  • 2 – 3 branches (with different diameters)


  1. Firstly, make sure the branches are dry enough. If they are fresh from a tree it is best to leave them to dry for several weeks before working with them.
  2. Pick a branch, clamp it in the table vise and begin cutting.
  3. Aim to cut the branches at different thicknesses.
  4. Some of the branches can also be cut into halves to turn them into furniture!
  5. If the edges end up rough, you can sand them down to get them smooth

The different shapes and thicknesses that branches come in are great to create a good collection for the kids to build with. The possibilities are a plenty; from doll house furniture to stacking them up to be towers!

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Live outside the box at Watagan Park

Photo: Adventure in a Box

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