December 17, 2015

Make your Christmas a handmade affair with these creative ornaments we found on Mother Natured. You can decorate your home with or even give them to someone special as a great sentimental gift.

What you will need

  • Long Lomandra leaves or grass
  • Thin sticks
  • Hole punch
  • Gumnuts or wooden beads
  • Snowflake hole punch for the top of the tree or snowflake confetti cutouts (optional)


  1. Begin by winding the grass strand back and forth to form loops. To do this, first form one loop. Holding the loop at it’s midpoint, wind the grass underneath to form another loop that a slightly longer length than the first. Keep going until you have no grass left.
  2. If you have strong hole punch and the grass strand are a similar thickness, you can slip the grass through the hole punch and punch a hole in the middle of the folded grass. Alternatively, you can gently squish the grass and unravel it. You should see where the grass folds are, then punch a hole evenly in the middle of each fold.
  3. Drill through the hole in the gumnut and out the other side with a very small drill bit. It’s best if you judge the size for yourself because gumnuts do come in all shapes and sizes. Get a small twig and push it through the drilled hole a few times to remove any loose fibers left over after drilling. Alternatively you could just use wooden beads.
  4. Push a gumnut/bead through the stick. Glue the gumnut/bead with some quality craft glue.
  5. Thread three of the holes on to the stick and then add a gumnut and then again three more holes in the grass and add another gumnut and so on. The grass will go around the gumnut. Follow that pattern until there is no grass left
  6. Finish the Christmas Tree Craft off with one last gumnut/bead at the top and then glue a snowflake on top.

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Photo: Mother Natured

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