February 13, 2014

If you love the outside and nature as much as we do, then you’ll love this little trick we found on Doreen Grace’s blog. Bring the outside, inside with this fun DIY canvas print project the whole family can enjoy.

What you need

  • Two blank canvas’ (you can pick these up from Hot Dollar in Morisset for around $8 each)
  • One can of spray paint (any of the local hardware stores will stock these. If you’re under 16 then you might have to ask mum or dad to pick it up for you)
  • Two of your favourite leaves or branches. Make sure you pick them up off the ground and not from a tree
  • Some old newspaper to cover your workspace.


  1. Lay out the old newspaper on the grass in the backyard. Create a space about four times the size of your canvas.
  2. Place your canvas in the middle of the newspaper.
  3. Place your leaves or branches on top of your canvas (hold down with some blue tack if it’s windy)
  4. Spray your paint in a slow left to right motion and cover the entire canvas in a light spray.
  5. Let dry for ½ hour and remove your leaves and branches to reveal their silhouettes.

Tip:  If you desire more texture, add some more branches and change colours for more of a layered effect.

Now you can hang your work of art in your bedroom and be surrounded by nature even when you’re sleeping.

Click here to download the activity sheet.

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