July 24, 2014

It is no secret that at Watagan Park we live for imagination, exploring nature and trying new things. Let the fun and creativity begin with this unique ice candle that the whole family can enjoy.

What you will need:

  1. A small plastic tub or bucket (a similar size to the one you use to make sandcastles at the beach)
  2. Tin can or small plastic cup (you might have to ask mum or dad for some)
  3. Some of your favourite leaves. Make sure you gather them from the ground and not off a tree.


  1. To make a mould, fill your bucket with cold tap water. Add leaves to your water for texture and decoration.
  2. Place your tin can or plastic cup in the centre. Weigh it down with small rocks to almost, but not quite, sink it.
  3. Place the bucket in the freezer until the water is frozen solid.
  4. Carefully remove the block of ice from the bucket (you might need to loosen the ice by running warm tap water over the bucket’s surface for a few moments).
  5. Remove the tin can or plastic cup from the centre of the block using warm water.
  6. Place a small candle at the bottom of the well where the cup used to be.

Now you have a unique ice candle that will be sure to bring light and warmth in the cooler months.

Click here to download the activity sheet.

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