March 5, 2015

Curious to learn more about your backyard? Putting together an Explorer’s Kit is a great first step and we came across this great find on The Merrythought.

Use a normal small suitcase or briefcase to house your explorers kit. Fill it with:

  • A butterfly, moth or bug identifying book
  • Notepad and pencil (for sketches or journaling)
  • Magnifying glass and binoculars (to examine feathers, and other findings)
  • Small shovel or trowel (to uncover interesting things in the soil)
  • Jar with lid (to collect tiny creatures or plants for brief observation)
  • Shallow pan (to spread soil in while looking for tiny inhabitants)
  • Flashlight with red cellophane (red won’t disrupt night vision)

You may need to change these items to make them age appropriate for younger or older kids. To personalise your explorers kit super glue a paper cover with a drawing or the explorer’s name to the front of the case. Now you have everything you need to help see, identify and document the plants and creatures in your yard.

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