June 11, 2015

These handmade painted wind chimes we found on Happy Hooligans are a fun nature craft for all ages of the family and add a splash of colour and life to any backyard or patio.

What you will need

  • 5 small stick (approx 12 – 15cm)
  • 1 large stick (approx 25cm)
  • Sanding block or sandpaper
  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Craft varnish
  • 5 small screw eyes
  • Yarn (or fishing line, jute, twine etc)


  1. Go for a wander in your backyard and collect your sticks.
  2. Peel any bark off the stick and use the sanding block or a piece of sandpaper and give the sticks a quick once-over to remove any remaining bits of bark.
  3. Paint each stick with two coats of acrylic paint.
  4. After the sticks have dried, brush them with a coat of craft varnish. This step is important because these sticks will be hanging in the yard, the varnish will offer some protection from the elements.
  5. Wait until the varnish dries. Add accessories as you like to enhance the sound of your wind chine such as bells or shells. Then screw tiny screw-eyes into one end of each of the 5 smaller sticks.
  6. Tie a long length of yarn to each hook and then tie them around your large stick, making sure they are evenly spaced. Then take your beautiful wind chimeoutside to hang.

Now you can relax to the musical sounds of your handmade wind chime in your very own backyard.

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