August 7, 2014

It is no secret that at Watagan Park we love exploring nature. Collect fallen leafs and flowers from your walk or hike around the Watagans and bring the outside, in with this nature inspired suncatcher we discovered on Cattails & Cobwebs.

What you will need:

  1. A roll of clear, self adhesive contact paper
  2. Heavy weight paper (the size that you want your suncatcher to be)
  3. Small leaves, flowers or twigs that have fallen onto the ground
  4. One relatively straight, small stick (a little longer than the width of your paper)
  5. A roll of yarn or twine


  1. Collect interesting shaped leaves, flowers or twigs from your nature walk or hike around the Watagans.
  2. Cut out a window from the centre of the heavy weight paper.
  3. Cut two pieces of contact paper that are a little larger than the hole of the window.
  4. Place one piece of contact paper, sticky side up and arrange your leaves and other items on top.
  5. Next lay down the paper window and ‘sandwich’ all layers together by sticking down the other piece of contact paper.
  6. To hang your suncatcher, use a hole punch to create holes across the top of the paper. Thread a piece of yarn through the holes and around the small stick, tying the ends together.

Now you can hang this decorative suncatcher from your window and be surrounded by nature indoors as it catches beautiful rays of sunlight.

Click here to download the activity sheet.

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