June 25, 2015

Make use of the unusual leaves collected on a nature walk by decorating your back patio or inside table with these glowing leaf jars we found on Spark & Creative.

What you will need

  • Artificial or real leaves
  • Mason jar or any other jars around the house
  • Sponge brush or small paint brush
  • Mod podge (adhesive)
  • Tea light or candle
  • Raffia


  1. First, make sure the outside of your jar is clean.
  2. To make the leaves malleable, bend them a little bit to loosen them up.Stiff leaves won’t stick. If they are thin, artifical leaves, they should easily form around the jar. If they are real leaves, you may want to dampen them slightly.
  3. To decoupage, dip your brush in the mod podge and paint a thin layer on a section of the jar and place a leaf on the jar. Paint more mod podge on top of the leaf in thin layers and use your fingers to smooth out the edges.
  4. Let the jar dry completely and finish off the top of the jar with raffia.
  5. Place a tea light inside and watch it light up the room with beautiful colours.

Now you can be surrounded by a different kind of natural light for your next backyard bbq or family gathering.

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