March 19, 2015

Most kids love watching the Discovery Channel, and National Geographic for their content on wildlife. It fascinates every child to watch wild animals on screen, their behaviours, habitats and feeding habits. It is also the responsibility of every parent to teach children the importance of respecting wildlife and the difference between domesticated and wild animals. We found some great tips on Lifestyle Lounge for ways to teach your children compassion for wildlife.

Parental Guidance For Shows On Wild Animals 

Children are fond of watching shows on the discovery channels and are exposed to the wondrous world of wild animals and their handlers. It is important that parents take the time to let the kids know that wild animals are dangerous and people handling those animals are experts handling animals for a specific purpose.

Educate Children On What “Wild” Means 

Children often tend to be attracted to animals as cute and cuddly pets, but it is important that a child understands that wild animals don’t behave the same way pets do. They can be extremely dangerous and unpredictable.

Visit To The Zoo 

Take your child to a nearby zoo; you could help them understand about the importance of the word “wild” without actually putting your child in danger. Explain to your child the difference between wild animals and pets, a lesson in the dangers of feeding wild animals will also help them to understand the gravity of the situation.

Talk to your child about the kinds of wild animals could have homes in your back yard? Look out the windows and discuss the available food, water, shelter, and space. Talk about how we can all help wild animals by making sure they have access to the habitat they need and not become an endangered species.

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