August 28, 2014

At Watagan Park we want to encourage families to spend more time outside together. We live for the outdoors and a safe and worry-free lifestyle. Being happy and healthy is an important part of that, and why not be active and healthy as a family.

Finding the time to exercise and having a balanced diet is tough for most of us at the best of times. Making it a family affair is the perfect way to put the fun back into fitness but also get some quality time together. With the help of today’s parent, we have compiled a list of tips for you so the whole family can be active and healthy whilst enjoying the outdoors.

Daily doses

Usually the biggest hurdle to exercising is fitting in the time. Turning it into an everyday activity and incorporating it into your daily routine can make it seem like it’s not such a chore.

  • Walk or ride a bike with your child to the local shops or to and from school.
  • Encourage children to help with household chores such as walking the dog, gardening and washing the car.
  • Go for a family walk each morning or after dinner each night.

Plan to play

Some activities take more organisation. While this requires effort at the start, it can lead to good results that really last.

  • Plan ahead and schedule a regular time for physical activity that fits in with the whole family.
  • Take part in either organised sport or activities in the park. For example: football, bike rides or kite-flying.
  • Plan your weekend with some physical activity in it. For example: Go exploring around the Lake or finding a walking trail in the Watagan Mountains.

Go old school

I’m sure many of you can agree that some of your fondest memories were made whilst playing a classic game of hopscotch or jump-rope with siblings in your backyard.

  • Introduce your kids to your favourite outdoor games that you enjoyed when you were younger.
  • Creating an obstacle course or family challenge is a friendly competition that will get the family outside for some unstructured fun and active time together.

Healthy habits

Talking about good nutrition with children can be as simple as explaining the need to eat foods from different food groups to ensure their bodies receive the different vitamins and minerals needed to stay healthy.

  • Create balanced menus with your kids that include foods that are healthy and that everyone enjoys.
  • Take your kids shopping, let them locate different foods from the food pyramid and teach them how to read food labels.
  • Be creative when packing your child’s lunch box. Make a nutritious lunch that your kids will enjoy and want to eat.
  • Make sure you teach your kids good eating patterns. For example the importance of eating breakfast each morning.
  • Follow the simple rule, if you don’t want your kids to eat it, don’t buy it.

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