February 5, 2019

Anytime Fitness’ National Fitness Manager, Kate Allott, shares her top tips for maintaining the best health we can—and it’s more than what we eat!

Many factors outside of what we consume can affect our body’s ability to perform at its best. Getting these right is equally as important as getting your food balance right.

Hydration Dehydration so often gets mistaken as hunger, causing us to snack unnecessarily. As well as drinking throughout the day, try having a large glass of water before each meal to reduce overeating. As a goal, we should aim to have 3L of water each day.


Not just sleep, good quality sleep. Reducing technology (blue light), caffeine, alcohol and sugar will all help to get a better seven hours per night.

Reduce stress

The hormone cortisol has many benefits for the human body, but excess cortisol, as a result of stress, can cause us to gain and retain weight, making any attempt to slim down and get healthy extremely difficult. Daily stress relief activities are a non-negotiable in my books!


While we all know you can’t out-train an imbalanced diet, any activity is a great option to burn calories, build lean muscle and keep your mind clear! Make it a habit to schedule in 30 minutes a day of any exercise you enjoy.

For some extra help and guidance, speak to the experts at Anytime Fitness Morisset or visit anytimefitness.com.au

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