March 24, 2016

Many of the meals we love have herbs in the recipe! There’s nothing like fresh herbs straight from the garden and Better Homes and Gardens have shown us how to grow them without any fuss!

Basil is best when planted in groups, we recommend planting six together for a consistent supply of this well loved herb throughout the season (any leftovers make a good pesto).

Bay leaves
The bay tree can get quite big and is best kept when pruned into a neat bun or pyramid. Its leaves are notorious for leaving that deep underlying flavour in soups.

Chives are almost too easy to look after, all that is needed is a snip when you need the herbs and it’ll regrow itself.

Continental parsley
This kind of parsley has a stronger flavour than the regular one. It is also called flat-leafed.

Coriander grows quickly with flowers and seeds to show, but the trick is to let the seeds brown and fall into the ground. This way they will germinate and help the plant last longer.

Curry leaves
The leaves are just waiting to be picked! Curry leaves let the most flavour out when added to the pot before all the main ingredients are.

Lemongrass leaves are easy to come by with this tall plant. It thrives in warmer climates and when infused in boiling water, it is a winner!

Thyme is a perfect plant for a little window box because it grows low and loves the sun. It also is one of the reasons why roasts and casseroles are a well-loved dish.

This herb is best when contained in a large pot otherwise it loves to spread all over the garden. Keep it in moist soil and a bit of shade. It’ll be growing so well that you’ll have enough garnish for all your beverages!

Oregano loves the sun and grows low, so add it into your window box next to the Thyme! All it needs is for the tips to be picked off which is perfect when making pizza or tomato salad!

All Rosemary requires you to do is pluck and strip the leaves off. It’ll make any roast or meat skewers become super tasty.

Typically a greyish green, Sage is worth looking out for in purple, tricolor and even gold!

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