December 3, 2015

Children are born with an intrinsic curiosity towards nature. Teaching them a simple but considered way to interact with their natural surroundings will provide excitement, entertainment and be educational. A camera is a great solution to get them started on documenting and appreciating the wild world around them.

We couldn’t agree more with National Wildlife and thought we’d share some of their tips on getting the kids outside and photographing nature.

Before giving them the camera

  • Be sure to give them an inexpensive camera that is durable and easy to use. There are a range of kid-friendly, simple point-and-shoot models or disposable cameras available.
  • Firstly, give your child a simple demonstration in how to use the camera and what each component does.
  • Teach them that a sharp photo requires stillness of the hands. Compare a blurry photo to a sharp one.
  • Remind your child to be gentle with the camera and to handle it with care. Get them to use both hands and keep the strap around their neck or wrist at all times.

 While they have the camera

  • Encourage your child to experiment with different angles and perspectives.
  • Encourage them to get up close to their subject (within reason). Show them how this changes the way the subject looks.
  • Teach your child to respect and appreciate nature.
  • Make it educational. Challenge them to photograph subjects of a certain colour or shape. Ask them questions. What is it you are taking a photo of now? What do you like about that photo?

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