May 29, 2014

Not everyone has had the same childhood, but it’s fair to say that we all share some commonalities. Whether you went camping with your family or hiking in nature or had a picnic, the outdoors featured from time to time, and you may have some vivid memories from those days. We live in the day of the iPad and computer games, and those things make it easier to spend a relaxing weekend inside the house. That’s all well and good, but at Watagan Park we have something more at our fingertips. We have Nature’s Playground.

This means that the nature hike, the picnic, the cave, the waterfall… all this is within twenty minutes of your front door. Now it is even easier to put Candy Crush down, take your kids by the hand, and lead them on an adventure that they will tell you about in twenty years as part of a ‘best bits of my childhood’ story.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of some of the greatest things we remember from our pre-twelve years and put it in the form of a bucket list for kids to do before they are twelve. All of these things can be done within twenty minutes’ drive from Watagan Park (and a majority of them much closer), so get out there and enjoy Nature’s Playground.

See below for the first ten things we think you must do before your twelfth birthday –  for the full list download the activity sheet here. Simply print it out and tick each item off once you’ve completed it.

  1. Sleep beneath the stars
  2. Bake damper in a campfire
  3. Catch a wave – double points if you can stand up on a surfboard while doing it
  4. Find a cave
  5. Do something you are scared of doing
  6. Yell COOOEEEEEE! in a valley
  7. Plant something and care for it as it grows
  8. Build a sandcastle city
  9. Fall off a bike (more fun to do on grass)
  10. Go treasure hunting for a geocache near where you live.

Many thanks goes to Nature Play WA whose list of things to do before you’re twelve was an inspiration for this article.

We hope you and your pre-twelve-year-old enjoy living outside the box with these activities. If you get any photos and would like to share an experience, feel free to email us at with an adventure story or trip report.

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