May 12, 2016

What a great project not far from Watagan Park. Head to the Warners Bay Community Garden (WBCG) for a day out with the family and share in the experience of growing friendships, food and community, just 30mins drive from Watagan Park.

The WBCG project is being established to bring together the wider community of Warners Bay and surrounding suburbs with the primary goals of fostering community connection, education, friendship and understanding. WBCG will provide community education in the areas of garden design, organic food production, soil health, waste recycling through composting and mulching, worm farming and seed saving. Garden volunteers are encouraged to apply these skills in their own backyard and share their experiences with others. is located in the open, grassed area in Bunya Park (corner of Cherry Road and Macquarie Drive).

In 2012 the DA was approved by Lake Macquarie City Council and the construction of the garden commenced in October 2014. The garden is in a very prominent location, close to the foreshore cycleway / walkway and has a number of public facilities nearby including an accessible toilet, picnic tables and childrens activity centre.

The benefits of community gardens are numerous and varied. Just some of them are below:

  • access to fresh and nutritious food
  • it involves physical activity, community gardening promotes physical fitness and health
  • learning to grow plants is mentally stimulating and adds to an individual’s knowledge and expertise
  • the gardens are used for community education, TAFE, schools, councils and universities as learning venues
  • it is a social activity involving shared decision making, problem solving and negotiation, increasing these skills among gardeners
  • community gardens are places where people get to meet others and come together with a common purpose
  • community gardens re-green vacant lots and bring vegetational diversity to public open space and other areas, making them a useful tool for urban improvement. They can utiliise previously under-utilised space
  • community gardens can demonstrate local government policy and programs, such as waste recycling, composting and worm farming

The committee and volunteers have working bees every 3rd Saturday of each month.

Anyone can volunteer to become a community gardener. They have a diverse range of people eager to learn about gardening, growing and sustainability.

Photo credit: Patricia Jarvice via the WBCG Facebook Group.

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