July 7, 2016

Living at Watagan Park gives families the opportunity to enjoy the many benefits of being outdoors.

With the wilderness of the Watagan Mountains right on the doorstep, healthy activities such as bushwalks, horse riding, rock climbing and bike trails are all within easy reach.

Watagans National Park features some of the country’s finest rainforest scenery. Moss-covered walls and boulders, towering canopies of red cedar and Illawarra flame trees pepper the walking track to Gap Creek Falls. You can also expect extraordinary views down toward rainforest gullies at Monkey Face and Gap Creek lookouts.

The National Parks and Wildlife Service says that by late winter, the Illawarra flame trees are in bloom: “The trees can be seen across the valley from Gap Creek lookout.

“Check out the views from the various lookouts, while the air is crisp and clean.”

The Watagan Mountains are also home to a rich cultural heritage, with more than 40 Aboriginal sites highlighting art and engraving techniques.

“Given that there are only six known Aboriginal engraving sites in the wider Sydney region, this one is particularly noteworthy for its display of more than 100 abstract motifs carved into walls throughout the park,” says the NPWS.

Adventure seekers can also explore the Watagans by 4WD, with a number of great trails at Slippery Rock Road, Green’s Break Road and a fantastic day trip can be made to Wollombi Tavern!

The Watagans have many beautiful picnic areas to create happy family memories at spots such as Muirs, Abbotts Falls and Monkey Face.

Check out all these places and more at the Nature’s Playground app – available free from the iTunes or Google Play store. It emcompasses all that Watagan Park has to offer and gives lots of information and inspiration for getting your family outside and enjoying the local wilderness.

Nature’s Playground includes:

  • An in-app GPS locator
  • Guides to walking tracks, lookouts, local fishing spots, kayaking locations, picnic spots, camping areas and much more
  • An in-built camera to capture outdoor adventures and share instantly with friends
  • A locator to find local schools, health services, shops, transport and recommended tradies.

Download Nature’s Playground from the iTunes store or Google Play store, or go to wataganpark.com.au for more information.

Live outside the box at Watagan Park

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