March 6, 2014

When you enter Watagan Park it is easy to see the incredible beauty of nature that surrounds Nature’s Playground. However, not many people are aware of the immense talent that resides within the Watagan Park community. Because of this, we are very excited to be sponsoring the Breath Fine Art Exhibition.

The free event is part of Avondale College’s Manifest Creative Arts Festival, and will be hosted at the Jo Felk Gallery in the Chan Shun Auditorium at Avondale College (about three minutes’ drive from Watagan Park) from 20th March to 10th April. It features an incredibly diverse line-up of creative humans, from painters to musicians, photographers to architects, ceramics experts to film-makers and more.

I have attended the past two exhibitions and had my socks thoroughly blown off. The curator, Shelley Poole, is one of Avondale’s shining stars of creativity, and the talent list she has pulled together is incredible.

To name just a few is almost a crime to those I won’t name, but I’ll do it anyway.

Dale Willis is a competition winning acoustic guitarist who shall be playing live on the opening night. His fingerstyle of playing is reminiscent of Tommy Emmanuel, and his album Any Other Way hasn’t left my car since I bought it. 

Heath and James Bennett are locally raised photographers and brothers who each found their own path to using photography as an art form. James is a Hunter Valley based wedding photographer who is experimenting with old school film photography and constantly perfecting his digital work (you won’t believe it’s not film). His work is appreciated by some of the world’s best photographers.

Heath and his wife Jac shoot everything from weddings to high end corporate gigs with huge clients including MasterChef and Top Gear. Heath has worked with another of the festival’s photographers, Dominique Cherry.

To show off the diversity of the talent, it is worth mentioning Avondale lecturers Tony Martin and Richard Morris. Tony is an artful potter who lectures in ceramics. Richard is an incredibly creative human who, this year, is presenting furniture design.

For more details, visit the Breath Fine Art Exhibition’s Facebook page and for the full artist line-up, see the Manifest Creative Arts Festival’s page.

Hope to see you there.


Artwork details:

Feature Image: Introspection (2010) by Ashlea Malycha. Digital photograph 0403 886 238

Left Image: Life Lines (2013) by James Bennett. Shot with Pentax 67, Kodak Ektar, 105mm f2.4.

Right Image: Bedbridge (2008) by Angela Miller. Oil, bitumen, collage, charcoal and shellac on

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