June 4, 2015

A campout in the comfort of your own backyard will create a memorable experience for all members of the family especially the kids. It is a fun way to interact with the natural world and can lead to all sorts of imaginative games.

With the help of She knows we have shared some ideas and things to consider for your campout – especially if you’re using your backyard camping experience as a test for little campers. By staying close to home, your little campers can feel safe and secure, be within walking distance of a bathroom and still enjoy a wonderful family bonding experience.

Gather the gear
Use this checklist to make sure you have everything you may need or want to make the most of your backyard camping adventure.

  • Outdoor tarp
  • Tent
  • Kitchen camping gear and utensils
  • Barbecue or fire pit
  • Insect repellent
  • Flashlights and batteries
  • Food and snacks
  • Water and other drinks
  • Clothing
  • Books
  • Hygiene essentials
  • Outdoor games and toys
  • Some comforts of home for small children (pillow, battery-powered nightlight, security blanket, etc.)

Family Fun
The fun really starts when the sun goes down so here are some ideas:

  • Go on a hike around your neighbourhood.
  • Experience the nature around you by exploring the dirt, rocks, insects, trees, leaves, clouds, birds, etc.
  • Go on a scavenger hunt (check out our previous post)
  • Take turns reading from a book as you pass it around a “campfire”.
  • Tell stories around the barbecue or fire pit.
  • Print out a star map and locate constellations.

Enjoy eating together
The delicious meals made more flavourful over the fire are often the highlight of any camper’s day. Use ingredients that are easy to pack and store, and they need to be simple to prepare. Some families may decide to break the campout tradition by heading indoors for a traditional meal. If you do, make a rule: no television, no phones or other electronic distractions. No matter how or where you eat, remember that dinner should be bonding time.

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