January 31, 2014

At Watagan Park we live for curiosity, climbing, sticky fingers, breathless seconds, beating hearts and grass between our toes. Our natural forest reserve and backyards big enough to get lost in mean families have the opportunity to get outside and explore the natural world up-close. Here mums feel at ease knowing the kids are playing in a safe community, dads can remove the training wheels on our quiet, wide streets, and kids can go wherever their imagination takes them.

We believe being outside in nature is good for everyone, and we’ve designed the estate in a way that gives everyone in our community more opportunity to discover the benefits of the great outdoors. Here are just a handful of benefits we believe the outdoors provide;

  • Sunshine – Every day we learn more about how important vitamin D is for health, including preventing cancer, hormonal problems, obesity, and inflammation, and having a strong immune system. But that doesn’t mean we don’t need to be sun safe – don’t forget the sunscreen and a hat!
  • Being in a natural setting can also help increase your quality of sleep and just make you feel happier in general.
  • Enjoying the outdoors also gives us a break from technology and the on-the-go lifestyle to which we’re all so accustomed.
  • When we’re outside, we can also learn and enjoy a new skill or physical activity.
  • And perhaps most important of all, we get a chance to turn off – or better, leave behind – our mobile devices to clear our heads and get a break from everyday stresses.

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