October 8, 2019

Property prices have continued to grow in Lake Macquarie with a 13.89% increase, despite general growth decrease across Australia. Sydney property growth has dropped -17.1% and similarly in Melbourne at -15.8%.

With interest rates at a record low, there is an extraordinary opportunity to break into the housing market right now, particularly in Lake Macquarie. As an example, buyers have been able to secure brand new homes at Watagan Park for just $425 per week through My Choice’s exclusive interest rate.

Added bonuses like the Breathe Easy Value Package with up to $38,888 worth of free inclusions, are making it even easier for buyers to get into the market with up to $5,888
of interest covered on your land purchase*, $8,000 worth of façade upgrades*, up to $12,000 of free front yard landscaping* and $13,000 of site levelling with sandstone retaining walls.
Refer to the wataganpark.com.au for T&Cs and more information.

We recently spoke with Neville and Hazel Barr, who purchased a block in Stage 2.8 and took advantage of the free front yard landscaping and site levelling component of the Breathe Easy Value Package. They took some time to chat with us and share their journey.

How has this Bonus Offer helped you make your build possible?
The free front yard landscaping and all the extras has certainly taken the pressure off the total cost of the build, so that’s a great help. I’m excited to get in touch with the Watagan Park landscaper to talk about options for our front garden, which there’s allowance for in the offer.

What are you looking forward to most about your new home?
We’re really looking forward to getting out of our rental. Having our own home will be so good. We’ve been looking at the design for eight years now!

What excites you about living in the Watagan Park community?
I can’t wait to live in the quiet surrounds and enjoy the tranquillity of the area. We’ve spoken to a lot of neighbours in the area and all of them really like it. We regularly drive up from the Central Coast to see the land and look around, and we really enjoy it. Driving around the area, it all has a country-style setting which we love.

Do you know anyone in the area or are you looking to make some new friends out in the community?
We’ll make some new friends. Yesterday we met a new couple who have built up on the road behind us, and they’ve built the same house, so I assume we have a bit in common!

If someone were to ask you about Watagan Park, how would you describe it?
It’s a very clean, quiet, up-and-coming community. Everything is nicely kept; it’s governed to make sure everything looks very nice. It’s not hodgepodge. This is going to keep the high standards and make sure that the value of our property, if we ever want to sell, is going to be kept high.

We love welcoming new families into the community. Did you know there is a Watagan Park Residents Facebook page run by residents? With over 500 locals it’s a great place to share your experiences and get to know others in the community.


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