July 28, 2015

Johnson Property Group’s proposal to build a state of the art Recycled Water Centre at Cooranbong has been given the green light by Lake Macquarie City Council.

Last night, Monday July 27, councillors voted six to five to approve the $2.5 million centre, which will service 2,500 new homes within the Watagan Park community.

Councillor Laurie Coghlan whole heartedly supported Johnson Property Group’s Development Application saying, “Ï really endorse the fact that we are now looking at reusing our waste water and recycling it … and I think it’s a lot better than pumping out sewer at Red Head Beach.”

“This is a thing of the future, this is a better way of treating our waste … I think it will be a good system and we will see more of them around the Hunter in the future.”

Johnson Property Group Founder Keith Johnson said, “This is a great win, and isn’t just a win for us, this really is a win for the whole Cooranbong community. This Recycled Water Centre is going to help drought proof the area by using cutting edge technology to reduce Cooranbong’s demand on drinking water by up to 70 per-cent.”

“I’m glad that the Lake Macquarie Councillors listened to the Council staff’s advice.”

“The truth is that you will hardly be able to see the centre from outside Watagan Park, and what you will see will be a great looking building that has been architecturally designed to fit in with the landscape.”

“The centre itself, will be fully enclosed so it won’t make noise, and comments from some people that it will emit unpleasant odours are just false.”

The environmentally friendly Recycled Water Centre uses technology designed by Flow Systems and works by taking wastewater from kitchens, bathrooms and toilets and purifying it at the Recycled Water Centre. The refined water is then pumped back to certain taps in the home like those connected to a toilet, washing machine or outdoor area using a separate set of pipes. Drinking water comes into the home via a different set of pipes, connected to the kitchen, shower and bathroom.

“I really believe that building this Recycled Water Centre is the best thing for the community and the environment. If we relied on traditional water systems, waste water in homes would be flushed away into the ocean or creeks, but our facility will make sure that it doesn’t just go down the drain, it will be purified and used for things like watering the garden, washing the car and clothes. And it will always be there, so people can still do all of these things even when water restrictions are in place.” Mr Johnson said.

Earlier this month Cessnock City Council approved plans to rezone a parcel of land in the Bellbird North urban release area, to allow a Recycled Water Centre to be built near Johnson Property Group’s proposed Bellbird North community.

If approved, the Bellbird North community will eventually provide 3,500 new homes as well as a shopping centre and commercial district.

For further information about the Recycled Water Centre please visit www.cooranbongwater.com.au

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