May 7, 2019

Lake Macquarie is set to receive a brand-new cultural landmark with the Council’s latest architectural development—the Multi-Arts Space.

Lake Macquarie City Council enlisted the help of the next generation to create a design for their new Multi-Arts Space. Third-year students from the School of Architecture and Built Environment at The University of Newcastle were tasked with creating a space that responded to the identity of Lake Macquarie, using a creative, sustainable and innovative approach.

“The building was to be a state of the art cultural facility that not only explored the relationship between art and architecture but could be an environment to house a diverse range of activities.”

“The building would in turn be expected to become an arts and cultural landmark that would enliven public space and draw people to Speers Point Park,” explains Samantha Bailey, winner of the architectural competition.

Samantha’s design was chosen from amongst 90 other students who submitted their work, and was announced at a formal event hosted by Lake Macquarie City Council. “We had an afternoon where we presented the top five designs to Lake Macquarie council. This was followed by an exhibition where the winner was announced, and it was so nerve-racking. I could not believe it—it felt very surreal to think that my university assignment would be built!”

The design itself focuses on accentuating the beautiful aspects of Lake Macquarie, and is laid out very thoughtfully to the surrounds of the site.

“I positioned large feature windows to highlight the lake, which will hopefully create a new appreciation of the lake and how it is seen by the community,” shares Samantha.

“It is very exciting! We’ve been making improvements to the design to meet requirements, so the updated building is now a far better solution than the original. It was a great challenge to make design seamless and as good as it could possibly be. I have learnt so much from the experience and how important it is to work constantly on a design so it can be at its best,” describes Samantha.

Lake Macquarie City Council continues to develop initiatives to enliven the area with the help of the community. Keep an eye out for more of their upcoming projects in 2019!

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