June 7, 2018

Johnson Property Group recently wrote an open letter to the people of Pitt Town. The letter was posted on our website, with links to social media, and a hard copy was delivered to every home in Pitt Town.

Overwhelmingly, the issue which evoked the most response was the boat ramp. The community has made it very clear they want the boat ramp and its associated carpark constructed. We can assure you, we do too. The good news is, there are several ways to ensure these facilities are built and you, as a community, have a role to play in guaranteeing it happens.


As outlined in the open letter, the delivery of the boat ramp is intrinsically tied to the completion of Stage Five, known as the Thornton Land. Under the Part 3A approval, whoever develops that land develops the boat ramp and carpark. We did have a contract to develop the land which is why it was included in our masterplan. We no longer have that contract, so those 72 lots, which were included in the Concept Plan, will be delivered by someone else. Whoever that is, will be required to install the boat ramp and carpark as per the conditions of approval in the Part 3A agreement.


While option one is a guaranteed outcome, there is no assurance as to how quickly that will happen (it will depend on who develops the land). If you want the boat ramp sooner, there is an obvious alternative.

As mentioned in the open letter, Johnson Property Group has already contributed more than $41million to infrastructure upgrades (power, water, sewer, roads, etc.) making our per block contribution well in excess of any other developer. Keep in mind, there are 100 lots which have been developed and sold in Pitt Town in which we had no financial interest. They got to market their land for the same price as ours, but it cost them tens of thousands of dollars less to deliver the rezoned land.

There is still at least another 200-260 lots of land in Pitt Town to be developed. A quick, easy and equitable way to guarantee the boat ramp and carpark are built is for Hawkesbury Council to introduce a new Section 94 Contribution to be applied to all undeveloped residential-zoned land in Pitt Town which is yet to be DA approved. The new Section 94 arrangement could include a levy to be paid by all developers of those currently undeveloped lots. That levy would pay for the construction of the boat ramp and carpark.

For this option to happen, the community would need to lobby Council to amend its Hawkesbury Section 94 Contributions Plan to develop a new Section 94 Contribution. We would gladly offer our full support to the lobby group and happily pay our share of the levy if we eventually develop any of that remaining land.


We understand State Member for Hawkesbury and the NSW Treasurer, Dominic Perrottet, recently announced around $1.5million in funding to upgrade the boat ramp at Wisemans Ferry. If option two does not appeal to you, you should consider lobbying Mr Perrottet to have the NSW Government provide funding for Pitt Town, as it has done with Wisemans Ferry.


The documentation for the Pitt Town boat ramp is ready to go. Johnson Property Group has already funded all of the preparation studies and we have had the DA ready to lodge since mid-2015. However, in order to lodge, we require the landowner’s consent. As owner of the Hawkesbury River waterway, the landowner is the Crown. You can help expediate the process by lobbying the Crown to issue this consent. That way, the DA can be lodged, ready for implementation as soon as one of the three abovementioned options comes to fruition.

You’ve made it clear you want the boat ramp and the above outlines how you can make that happen. Johnson Property Group will lend its full support to any community groups wishing to lobby the local member or lobby Council for a new Section 94 arrangement – the quickest, easiest and fairest way to deliver the boat ramp to the people of Pitt Town.

If you need additional assistance in this matter, please call our office: 02 8023 8806 or email our Development Director, Bryan Garland: bryang@johnsonpropertygroup.com.au

Kind regards,

Keith Johnson
Managing Director
Johnson Property Group

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