December 5, 2013

Vermont is perfect in Summer and if you are like me you’ll agree that summer is made for lazing on and around the river. Try an early-morning kayak along the banks of Cattai National Park, or a day spent fishing for Sunday night’s dinner. Or maybe a game of backyard cricket and a relaxed barbecue with family and friends, a picnic in the park or an afternoon picking peaches at the local orchard. This is Vermont in summer.

The river starts coming to life in early spring – take your position at sunset to witness the Hawkesbury River Canoe Classic, a challenging 111-kilometre overnight race from Windsor Bridge to Brooklyn with only the full moon to guide racers.

Less tranquil, but just as impressive, the Bridge to Bridge powerboat race sees water ski and jet boats race the other direction, from Brooklyn to Windsor, in November.
Wakeboarders and water skiers are in their element all summer, while anglers spend their weekends sitting back – on the riverbank or in a tinnie – surrounded by beautiful bush and farmland scenery, reeling in mullet, flounder, flat head and snapper.

Every day feels like a summer holiday when you live on the Hawkesbury and this is the perfect time to slow down and make the most of everything on Vermont’s doorstep.

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