March 1, 2016

“We love the house! I love the quasi-country feel and little country roads around Vermont!”

Home certainly is where the heart is for Iain and Debi Goodway and their 15-year-old son, Jaryd who were the first residents to move into Pastoral Street in October 2013.

Iain says that the South African-born family made the big move to Sydney to build a better future for Jaryd who was six at the time.

“During our first year here we discovered Vermont as we drove around on the weekends,” says Iain.

“There weren’t any houses here yet, but we always liked it. At that stage it was financially out of our reach as
you press the restart button when you move countries,” he says.

Two years later when they were in a position to buy, Debi says she was excited when she discovered a house-and-land package that suited their budget.

Iain says he picked the block because of its location in the middle of the street, it was flat and wasn’t a major through-road.

“Our experience of the build was excellent! We liked working with Johnson Property Group and McDonald Jones Homes. We signed the plans in April and moved in October,” he says.

Iain says the family just loves living here.

Jaryd enjoys watching TV and playing Xbox with his friends in the front media room, Iain says he loves cooking in the kitchen as well as his barbecue and fire pit in the backyard entertaining space. And Debi says her favourite place is the living room, where she can relax and have quiet time after a busy week at work.

The family’s major modification to the plans was to include a third garage space, a must for Iain who enjoys off-road 4×4 driving on the weekends with Jaryd.

Their advice for new builders is to consider putting in extra electrical sockets, think ahead about internal and external lighting needs and add doors into open doorways to give you the option to contain and close off the rooms, especially if you have noisy children!

“If we could change anything we would add a bigger patio space and make the ceilings higher,” says Iain.

“We were first-home buyers and wanted to get into the market. We love the house! I love the quasi-country feel and little country roads around Vermont,” he says.

Debi says she never wants to move again, and when they returned to South Africa to visit family and friends, they truly felt that Australia is now their home.

“After moving halfway across the world and then moving house every year we realised that renting is not fun. We are so happy we have our house and we can do what we want!” says Debi.

The Goodway family officially became Australian citizens this January, at an Australia Day ceremony by the Hawkesbury Council, which was the last step in their nine-year journey, says Iain.

“The ceremony brought home the fact that everyone comes from somewhere. There were 42 people from 22 countries at the ceremony. That is what makes this country great, people coming from everywhere bringing different views and cultures,” says Iain.

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