May 3, 2016

With more than 23 years in the business, Martin “Sharpie” Sharp, of Pitt Town Quality Meats, knows a thing or two about how to cook the perfect steak.

He says to start with a good cut of meat as you really do get what you pay for.

“New York steak is my favourite as it’s usually cut a little thicker, but scotch fillet, rump or T-bone are all good. If you want to go a little cheaper but still nice, ask for your butcher to give you the first cuts of round and tenderise them,” says Sharpie.

“Pre-heat the barbeque to a medium-to-high temperature, I season with just salt and pepper because I like the natural flavour of the meat but anything is fine, garlic, chilli, lemon juice – just use your imagination!”

Sharpie recommends that if you marinate the steak to make sure you lower the heat and turn regularly, otherwise it will burn.

“Drop the steak on the barbecue plate to sear in the juices, one minute either side, then cook for about three minutes before turning for another three for medium rare,” says Sharpie.

“If you like your steak more done just leave it on for a few more minutes. Once cooked to your satisfaction, leave the steak to rest on a plate for a few minutes. Serve, then enjoy!”

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