December 15, 2015

Local butcher Martin ‘Sharpie’ Sharp says you can’t beat a barbecue as a casual summer entertaining solution to bring family and friends together.

Sharpie has lived in Pitt Town since 1986, and has proudly owned and run Pitt Town Quality Meats for 23 years.

“You can’t go past butterflied chicken or lamb that can be roasted on the barbecue, or classic New York-style steaks and T-bones,” he says.

For the perfect barbecue lamb, Sharpie recommends asking the butcher to de-bone and butterfly a lamb leg.

“You can either marinate or cook it plain, I usually rub it with mint and rosemary and add salt and pepper and a bit of lemon juice,” he says.

“Pre-heat the barbecue to 160°C, sear for a few minutes on either side then turn down to 140°C.”

“You can either cook for 40 minutes with the barbecue lid up and turn the lamb every five minutes, or keep the lid down and cook for 25 minutes,” he recommends.

“It’ll easily feed four to six people. After resting, slice the lamb into large chunks and serve!”

And to help families out on busy summer days with an easy and hearty takeaway option, Sharpie offers a roast dinner takeaway service.

“Call up before 1pm and on your way home pick up a cooked family-sized roast dinner with vegetables including potato, sweet potato, carrots, onions and gravy,” he says.

“It’ll save you having to heat up your home to cook a roast dinner. It costs an extra $15 on top of the cost of the meat.”

Pitt Town Quality Meats, open Monday to Saturday and until 6.30pm on weeknights.

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