July 8, 2014

If it is fresh, local, organic and can be put in a jar, Julie can do it. Our local pickling queen shares ideas on what you can do with the best winter produce.

Brighten up with citrus
It’s marmalade time! Citrus fruits are at their best during winter – think oranges, limes, lemons and mandarins – and that’s good news because I have many orders for mandarin jam, among others, to fill. You need the freshest fruit to pack a zesty punch when making jam and marmalade. I’ve also been offered lots of local grapefruit – I think a jelly might be a good way to use this zingy fruit.

Cumquat conundrum
Also plentiful at the moment are cumquats, which many people don’t know how to use. I’ve had a lot of requests for cumquat marmalade, and last year my cumquats in brandy were a big hit. This year try dipping cumquats in chocolate. Yum! And stay tuned for more ideas.

Winter calls for some heat
You don’t often think of lime as a winter ingredient but Spicy Indian Lime Chutney adds lovely heat and flavour to home-made curries or dhal at this time of year. Limes can also make an exquisite butter – perfect for a tart or slice. Cauliflower is also sensational now – and one of my favourite ingredients for Indian food. I use local caullies to make my popular Pitt Town Pickles.

Thanks for saying hi!
It was great to see so many friendly faces at the Bona Vista Park Open Day. Hope you enjoyed tasting the fresh pumpkin scones with quince jelly and lemon butter, passionfruit butter slice, pesto pita chips and beetroot dip. Let me know if you missed out on taking home the scone and slice recipes.

What makes my gluten-free barbecue sauce (which you may have tasted at the sausage sizzle) so delicious? The secret is plenty of tomatoes and apples to make it thick and fruity. It’s that easy.

Julie is at the Windsor Mall Market on the second, fourth and fifth Sundays of each month, or you can find her on Facebook: facebook.com/julieskitchenmadewithlove

Expect more at Vermont

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