May 19, 2015

Nestor Porley has lived in the Hawkesbury region for over 22 years, but is a fairly recent addition to the Vermont area.

“We moved to Pitt Town about six months ago,” says Nestor, one of the owners of The Art of Joinery in McGraths Hill. “We were living in a house with lots of acreage and I was finding myself spending all weekend maintaining the land! I wanted to move to a more normal-sized residential block, without it feeling too tiny. The blocks at Pitt Town fit the bill – we still have ample space, wonderful views and we’re part of a vibrant community.”

Local photographer Belinda Walkom was also attracted by the area’s natural beauty and abundance of space. “It’s really hard to find sizeable land in and around Sydney, and with two growing boys we need all the space we can get!” says Belinda. “And it’s so beautiful in every season, but especially in autumn with the changing landscape. We’re outdoors as a family much more than we ever used to be, cycling, walking, out on the river – we just love it.”

One of the area’s newest residents is Renee McIntosh of HOBAN Recruitment. She wanted to make sure her children had enough space to grow and play, and was particularly attracted by the aesthetics of the residential estates.

“I think it’s good that there are a few building restrictions in place, as it keeps the area looking like a whole, while still allowing people to inject their personal style into their homes,” says Renee. “We like that there’s plenty of space between the houses so you really feel like it’s your own space, and wide streets for the kids to play on. There’s just a lovely ‘feel’ to the area and a wonderful sense of community we’ve not experienced before.”

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