November 24, 2015

Alan Ferris and his family first moved to Pitt Town in September 2011, and built their new home on a 760sqm block of land in Bona Vista. But with four growing children ranging in age from five to 17, they soon decided it was time to upsize.

“We wanted something bigger, an acre or half-acre,” says Alan. “We were looking at buying in Dural for a while, but we’re so deep-rooted in the Vermont community now – it made more sense to stay in the area.”

Alan and his wife Karen have just bought a bigger 2,000m2 block in Riverland, and are putting the finishing touches on the plans for their new French provincial style home at the moment.

“Our kids are mad soccer players,” says Karen. “With a bigger backyard, they’ll have more room to play without the ball going over the fence onto the road. That was another reason we chose the bigger block – and our two dogs will love it too.”

The home will also house a new office for Alan, a mortgage broker. “I specialise in the local area, so working from home I’ll be able to easily visit clients at home.”

Being in Riverland puts the family closer to the river, too, where the kids like looking for turtles. They even have plans for a boat once the new house is finished. “The area is just beautiful,” says Alan.

“We like the quietness, and the outlook of the mountains. And the bus stop is right on our doorstep for the kids to get to school.”

It seems the Ferris family has the best of both worlds: their dream home, and the chance to stay within the community they’ve come to love.

“Some people say ‘where’s Pitt Town?’, but we’re not at all far from Castle Hill and the city,” says Karen. “I don’t feel like we’re far away from anything. Everyone is out and walking their dogs, the kids are on their bikes. It’s got a lovely feel to it.”

To find out more about Alan’s broking services, contact him on 0409 189 990, email or see

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