January 12, 2016

As the beginning of a new school year approaches in late January, there’s always some tears when little ones are sent off to kindergarten for the first time. To help ease the transition for children and parents to ‘big school’, Pitt Town Pre-School has established a new ‘Life Long Learning’ school readiness program.

“Throughout the last year of pre-school, we focus on getting the children socially ready and more independent,” says School Readiness teacher, Charmaine Clark.

“This includes learning how to cooperate with peers, talking in front of a group and taking responsibility for personal possessions,” she says.

“We have a letter of the week, and introduce them to colours and numbers. And yes, we do teach them how to tie their shoelaces!”
The team admits that it can be very hard to say goodbye to the children who they have cared for since they were babies.

Centre Director, Nadina Elias, says that the pre-school hosts an annual graduation ceremony at the Anglican Church as an opportunity for children, staff and parents to say thank you and goodbye.

“The children dress in graduation caps and gowns. They do a performance and we bring them up on stage to shake their hands and present them with a diploma for completing pre-school,” says Nadina.

“The teachers and parents all cry together! The kids generally can’t wait to start ‘big school’ and wear their school uniforms for the first time.”

Pitt Town Pre-School was established in 1985, and over the years has grown from a family day care to a centre with six rooms and three open playgrounds on a six-acre block.

Pitt Town Pre-School, 62 Cattai Road, Pitt Town. Phone 4572 3013.

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