July 7, 2015

When the mercury drops and the days get shorter, finding the motivation to get moving can be hard. But with the right amount of planning and preparation, plus a bit of the ‘just do it’ factor, keeping active in winter can be rewarding, and even fun.

“The best way to keep fit and active during winter is to make a plan and tell yourself there are no excuses,” says Daniel from Body Addiction boot camps. “For a morning workout, have your clothes ready for you at the base of your bed. Don’t be tempted to hit the snooze button – as soon as the alarm is beeping, your feet should be moving. If you’re out the door fast your brain won’t have time to think of an excuse!”

There are plenty of fun ways you can keep your blood pumping during winter. Changing up your routine, adding a challenge to work towards, or getting together with friends in the beautiful Hawkesbury surrounds can give your routine the boost it needs to withstand the cold. Just make sure you wear light layers that you can peel off as you warm up, and keep up your fluids – drinking water is just as important now as it is at any other time of the year.

Here are five ideas – for all fitness levels.

  1. Try a new sport

Netball and soccer are great winter sports. The great thing about both is that they are social and fun – you’ll look forward to games and training! You can find a list of local sports clubs on the Pitt Town & District Sports Club website.

  1. Join a winter fitness class

Signing up for a class is a commitment, and sometimes that’s what you need to motivate yourself when you’d rather be cuddled up with a blanket on the couch. Body Addiction boot camps run throughout the Hawkesbury, and each session is different to keep it fun and interesting.

“Each session is a full-body workout,” says Daniel. “We use equipment like kettle bells, sleds, medicine balls, ropes, tyres and lots more. The cooler weather can mean a higher risk of injury, so we always include longer warm-ups and less rest. Cooling down during the session is not an option!”

Daniel and Michele from Body Addiction also offer personal training. “Having a personal trainer means you get more out of each session. We discuss your goals and put you on the fast track to achieving them. They’re designed to be totally individual, challenging and fun!”

For more information about boot camps and personal training, call Daniel on 0432 644 011 or Michele on 0405 449 279, or visit the Body Addiction Facebook page.

  1. Sign up for an event

Having a goal to work towards can be great motivation. The Hawkesbury Canoe Classic is coming up in October. For keen canoers, now is the time to get on the river and start training! Check out some great preparation and racing tips on the Canoe Classic website: www.canoeclassic.asn.au.

  1. Try a spot of winter fishing

If you’d rather something more leisurely, fishing might be more up your alley. The Hawkesbury offers wonderful opportunities year-round, and winter’s the perfect time to start practising for that other Hawkesbury Classic – the Hawkesbury Fishing Classic, run by the Pitt Town Fishing Club. The Club also has regular hands-on events run by experts, and organises social weekends away for members. Kids can join free! Give the club a call on 0408 464 945 or go to www.pitttownfishingclub.webs.com for more details.

  1. Walk it out

Brisk walking is a wonderful form of exercise – just half an hour each day can improve your fitness, strengthen your bones and boost your muscle power. Walking is also great because you don’t need fancy equipment: just some good shoes and the great outdoors – and some decent layers if it’s cold.

Hawkesbury residents are lucky to live in one of the few places on earth that is surrounded by 10 national parks. Take in the majestic river, or try out the hundreds of bush walking trails. They vary in length and difficulty, so have a look on the Hawkesbury Tourism website, www.hawkesburytourism.com.au, before you head out.

For a walk that will immerse you in local history, try the Historic Hawkesbury Agricultural College Walking Tour – a self-guided 1½-hour tour of the campus’ historic buildings. Parking at UWS is $4, enter via Vines Drive off Londonderry Rd on weekends and public holidays. You can download the guide and map from the Hawkesbury Harvest website at www.hawkesburyharvest.com.au.

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